Live2D Rig ToS

- I do offer payment plans. Upfront is preferred, but half up front half on completion and payment installations in 1/4s is accepted as well! Payment plans must be requested. No files will be exchanged until completion of payment.

- Credit to the rigger (BunChata) must be visible in a permanent and easily accessible site relative to where the model will be displayed most frequently (link to offsites such as carrd and linktree – with clear credits – are acceptable. No obligations to occupy your Twitter description with me!)

- No resale or distribution without contacting me to let me know you plan to resell please! I would in no way stop you, but I want to know the model has changed hands so I don't worry your model has been stolen!

- I provide the cmo3 (editable Live2D file) and you are welcome to take your rig to another rigger and tweak things. Any changes made to the rig must be accredited (ex: Base rig by BunChata, (edit) by (artist / yourself)

- No need to contact me if you're getting a new rigger or having tweaks made by another rigger!

- Models created under these terms can be used commercially in videos, streaming, and advertising. Merchandising is not included!

- I will have nothing to do with blockchain or NFT. Even if your model isn't included in it directly I will not work with anyone I find out is participating in NFTs.