Live2D Model Art

Full package clients prices will be split in two halves, art payment then Live2d modeling payment. Live2D payment and work will only begin after model art is completed and paid for

Individual price breakdowns

Art *Only* Price

Half body art only – $750

Full body art only – $1,000

Rig *Only* Price

Bust (belly button up) Rig – $1,000

Half body rig – $1,500

Full body rig – $2,000

Your final base price will be the two prices above combined – full body art can have half or full body rigging

3 simple expression stickers of your choice included (ex. sweaty / blushing / fear)

This is all base pricing and may increase depending on complexity.

Add-on’s like animated expressions (crying with tears falling) additional outfits, hairstyles, arms (drawing, waving, etc.) will be additional charges and based on complexity.

(Half body for art and rigging is around the hips! Art may go down to upper thigh)

I can do

- Any gender / body type

- Horror / light gore

- Armor / light mecha

I currently only offer humanoids for non-chibi art, no muzzles!

Personal model examples